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Dark Pools are a longstanding financial innovation available to large institutional investors since the late 1980s. Year to date, private exchange trading or dark liquidity has accounted for 40% of all U.S. Transaction compared to 16% six years ago. As of April 2014, there were 45 Dark Pools in the 1 (Harris, 2003) Buchel, Soleja, Takeda. Dark pools have been attracting a lot of attention in recent months. Increasing trading volumes on dark pools in the US and Europe during the last five years have raised a debate on the implications on market structure, market quality, trading costs, and if more trading will move to dark pools. Even if more trading moves to dark pools in the next. Dark pools offer institutional investors many of the efficiencies associated with trading on the exchanges' limit book but without showing their actions to others. Dark pools do not show the price nor is the identity of the trading company displayed. Dark Pool Secrets Review (Stefanie Kammerman) Posted by: Wesley Nolan on January 4, 2020 Under: Millionaire Stock Traders Welcome to my Dark Pool Secrets review. We will delve into the owner of Dark Pook Secrets and hopefully you will learn about the good-looking woman (Stefanie Kammerman aka The Stock Whisperer) that runs this service. Dark Pools Audiobook – Scott Patterson Stream. Dark pools are exclusive markets hidden from the typical financier– the reverse of displayed or ‘lit’ markets such as the NYSE or Nasdaq. The large computerised systems of the exchanges were developed by ‘plumbings’, however after that a new breed of investor emerged that, says.

Dark Pools Audiobook – Scott Patterson (The Rise of the Machine Traders and the Rigging of the U.S. Stock Market)


You can quit bothering with naked short-sellers or conventional market manipulators, claims Scott Patterson– the ‘crawler algos’ (formulas) have taken over. Dark Pools Audiobook – Scott Patterson Stream. Dark pools are exclusive markets hidden from the typical financier– the reverse of displayed or ‘lit’ markets such as the NYSE or Nasdaq.

The large computerised systems of the exchanges were developed by ‘plumbings’, however after that a new breed of investor emerged that, says Patterson, ‘concentrated on pc gaming the plumbing itself, manipulating intricate loopholes and also quirks inside the plans like card-counters hunting down weak points in a blackjack dealer’s hand’.

Due to the fact that robot trading machines were front-running lasting financiers such as mutual funds on the lit markets, anticipating their buy or offer orders as well as driving the rates up or down as necessary, those lasting investors started switching to dark pools. By 2012, 40 percent of all trading volume was taking place in dark swimming pools. Today the dark swimming pools are swarming with killer robots as well.

This might sound like science fiction– and Patterson, like Dickens’s fat young boy, ‘wants to make your flesh creep’– but it is really happening. The Flash Collision of 6 Might 2010, throughout which the Dow Jones index fell by 800 points, was triggered by technical glitches in the system and frightened the regulators. There is even a name for an occasion that hasn’t took place yet however might, if this were to take place on a worldwide range– Sprinkle Accident– and that can create what Financial institution of England economic expert Andrew Haldane has actually called a ‘double liquidity gap’ (a lack of short- as well as long-term purchasing).

Patterson, who formerly created a successful book called The Quants, about the mathematical whizz-kids behind the by-products that triggered the worldwide financial crisis, has mapped the history of the crawlers (as well as the human individualities behind them) from the intro of computerised trading in the very early Nineties. Since 1996, when computer designer Josh Levine created Island, a trading system that bypassed market makers, the market has been dominated by trading makers. What complied with Levine’s Frankenstein minute came to be called the Algo wars, in which very leveraged, high-frequency traders contended to be the fastest, with talk last year of one day being able to determine trades in picoseconds (trillionths of a 2nd).

As in an arms race, both sides are frequently seeking to outsmart and also outshine each other in technological terms. Algos were ‘like hunted victim attempting to conceal their tracks through feints and evades’, however hunter-seeker radars ‘adapted to the new stealth strategies as well as expected them, preparing for every move’. With names like Shark, Guerilla, Stealth, Thor and Sniper, by 2011 the ‘brainless algos had advanced right into hazardous beasts of prey’.

High-frequency trading became so affordable that no trader might earn money at high volumes. The big scandal has been that a few of the high-frequency traders have actually been working together with the exchanges to clip ordinary investors in a set up market. Just trading business that were in on the setup have the ability to survive by using unique order types– transmitting or trading guidelines.

At the same time, Brain Capital, a fund without very paid investors yet an ‘Innovation Equipment’, was able to create a steady return of 7 percent via mini-robot-traders. ‘The device would kill off the traders that had actually done the worst and change money to the investors that did the best. This would certainly lead to anomalies in the approaches– totally brand-new formulas.’

Yet the holy grail of artificial intelligence on Wall Street is to produce the AI-equivalent of Warren Buffett. In 2007 a hedge fund called Rebellion released an AI program called Star. Its developer, Spencer Greenberg, informed a celebration of quants in February 2011: ‘The goal is to have our software learn, by itself, to end up being a long-term-oriented stock investor. Dark Pools Audio Book Free. We do not presume that we currently know how to spend, as well as are not making use of artificial intelligence just to optimize a few criteria in our design. Rather, we are leaving it up to our finding out algorithm to learn to spend.’

Welcome to my Dark Pool Secrets review. We will delve into the owner of Dark Pook Secrets and hopefully you will learn about the good-looking woman (Stefanie Kammerman aka The Stock Whisperer) that runs this service. But is Dark Pook Secrets legit?

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Overview of The Stock Whisperer

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About Stefanie Kammerman

She started as an assistant for Schonfeld Securities in 1994. She got to use Instinet basically the dark pool liquidity machine! Only the biggest trading firms had access to this – she had a huge edge so her company had a big edge.

She was entrusted with $250,000 of trading capital when her boss left for Florida (less tax!). She did so well that she started teaching other traders how she was making so much money for the company.

She became the 1st female rookie trader of the year at a major Wall Street firm.

Stefanie claims that over the last 4 years, she has won more than 90% of her trades – thanks to using the dark pool information. She owns and runs a dark pool trading chatroom called The Java Pit.


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Dark Pool Secrets Book by Stefanie Kammerman

Stefanie wrote a book called Dark Pool Secrets that sheds light on the dark secrets of Wall Street. She explains how she has been able to develop dark pool trading strategies that help her to win 90% of her trades!

Check out her book on Amazon to see how she developed her dark pool trading strategies. Stefanie discusses all the dark secrets of the stock market and exposes the manipulation that we all know exists.

The book teaches you how to read the Dark Pool prints and how to act on that knowledge. Stefanie and her students use these techniques to eliminate emotions from trading execution.

The book contains lots of real-life examples of how Stefanie and her Dark Pool trading team has made huge returns from these trades.

She shows you how using dark pool information can be used for stocks and options trades to gain leverage and massively transform your trading rate of return!

After reading her book and watching her DVD, I am convinced that Stefanie is legit. If you listen to some of her interviews (below) you will quickly see that she is smart and knows her stuff.

She is not some actress or entertainer as one shady trading review website recently claimed (it is run by an admitted felon and competitor and thus his opinion can be ignored…).

I learned so much from her Dark Pool Secrets book! I learned all about the 4 different dark pool prints and how to act on them. This information gives traders the edge that is needed to succeed in today’s markets.

Stefanie’s Interview on YouTube About Dark Pool Trading

Is Stefanie Kammerman Married?


Everyone wants to know if Stefanie Kammerman is married! Dirty middle-aged men think they have a chance with her maybe?

Is Stefanie Kammerman married? My guess is yes. According to this source, she is 49 years old and married. Does it matter though? I mean come on guys! I found out who her husband is but there is no way I am sharing that info!

Stefanie has the nickname the ‘Volume Printcess’ because her entire dark pool trading strategy is based on dark pool trade volume on the print.

How Can You Access Information About Dark Pool Trades?

If you want to take advantage of dark pool data, you have a choice of only two brokerages.

1. Lightspeed has the lowest commissions and dark pool data feed included.

2. Charles Schwab also offers block trade data but it is a bit more expensive.

Stefanie uses the block trade indicator on Lightspeed to gather information for her trades. To understand what she is looking for and why, we need to understand more details about what the block trade indicator tells us.

What Are Dark Pools?

Most traders (even experienced ones!) don’t realize that 40% of all trading volume happens in private stock exchanges called Dark Pools. Millions of shares are bought/sold, but they are not reported for up to 24 hours.

This avoids large block trades from moving the market up or down. It helps the institutions get their huge orders filled at the price they want.

The large institutions don’t even have to report any shares until all of their orders are filled – they have three hours to report their trade. Despite this, dark pool trades are still heavily regulated by the SEC.

Here is a great resource for learning more about the dark pools and who uses them.

Dark Pools Pdf Free Download Free

Finding the dark pool trades are just one part of the puzzle. They don’t show you if the share blocks were buys or sells. That would be too easy, right?

This is where Stefanie’s Stock Whisperer strategy comes into play. You have to know exactly what to look for and have a strategy to trade the dark pool information successfully.

The Stock Whisperer Strategy

Stefanie’s strategy is complex but on the surface it is easy to understand. Her most important indicator is the volume of the shares traded on the dark pool exchanges.

Obviously, the bigger the volume and value of the shares the more conviction that something is going on. The ‘smart money’ will not bet $100 MM on a whim. They KNOW something. They know that news is coming or some kind of catalyst will massively change the price of the stock.

Stefanie looks for these huge orders AND uses unusual options activity to figure out if the dark pool volume is buys or sells.

If she see’s high volume options Puts AND huge dark pool share buys, the chances are that this is an institution SELLING. Of course, the opposite is true if the unusual options activity is Calls.

Unusual options activity is a very powerful tool to trade on insider (illegal) information – but if you can spot it early you can COPY the smart money.

Stefanie Kammerman does this very successfully. She often does overnight swing and day trades. Options can be extremely lucrative when you have a 90% win rate! She uses options to massively leverage her trades.

Stefanie figures out the top of a bullish run by finding where the big guys are selling their shares on the dark pool exchanges.

Imagine that you could go short or sell your long position at the very top of the chart! Stefanie Kammerman teaches her subscribers how to do just that!

If you want to get some of her insights then be sure to check out her free email list where she offers free stock picks etc.

The Stock Whisperer Reviews

The Stock Whisperer and Java Pit Chatroom both have very good reviews. They usually praise her hard work and dedication to teaching her subscribers. You can check out the reviews here.

How To Follow Stefanie Kammerman

You can follow Stefanie on several social media platforms. I recommend that you do this because she often gives out free dark pool trading information.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VolumePrintcess

Access to the Java Pit Chatroom costs about $70 a month. That seems very reasonable. Ynab app for windows 10. The Java Pit chatroom is very helpful as traders spot more dark pool trade prints as a team than individually.

Stefanie Kammermann Dark Pool Review: Recent Results from Premium Chatroom

Stefanie is highly successful with her options trading strategy based on unusual dark pool activity. Here are some of her recent trades and results.

– Average of 3% profits on 91% of Stefanie’s trade alerts.

– A recent 90% profit on $KNDI short in just 2 days! I actually got a piece of this trade….not 90% though!

– 300% on $KODK ! Stefanie spotted the dark pool activity on this the day before it exploded on news.

Dark Pool Secrets Review: Conclusions

Dark pool trading has been around for a long time. Many traders are just being made aware of the potential to profit with dark pool secret trading strategies.

Dark Pools Pdf free. download full

Dark Pool trading gives traders an edge. Don’t miss out! Signup for a Dark Pool Trading service and learn how you can copy the smart money today!

I hope you enjoyed my Dark Pool Secrets review!

Good Luck!


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This Dark Pool Secrets review is not sponsored by anyone. It is just my honest opinion of the value of using dark pool trading strategies and the Stock Whisperer.

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