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An important component of the #IAmAWomanInSTEM initiative is gathering resources that are research-based and available via the Internet as open access learning objects for sharing and reuse.

Videos in the IAmAWomanInSTEM YouTube channel - this content was originally developed to support the UK300 service-learning and leadership course, Spring 2016 (download the syllabus here).

  • Women in the sciences (44 minutes) - an overview by Dr. Margaret Schroeder, STEM Department, UK College of Education
    Accompanying resources:
    • Davey, M. (2015, December 13). Many women in STEM fields expect to quit within five years, survey finds. The Guardian. Retrieved January 8, 2016, from
    • Pollack, E. (2013, October 3). Why are there still so few women in science? The New York Times Magazine. Retrieved January 8, 2016, from
  • Feeling like a fraud? Imposter syndrome and the confidence gap (20 minutes)- presentation and workshop resources by Dr. Ellen Crocker, Department of Forestry, UK College of Agriculture, Food and Environment
    Accompanying resources:
    • Class activities for 'Imposter Syndrome' by Dr. Ellen Crocker (.pdf file)
    • Slides for 'Imposter Syndrome' by Dr. Ellen Crocker (.pdf file)
    • K. Kay and C. Shipman, (May 2014), 'The Confidence Gap,' The Atlantic.
    • CathyCat, (26 March 2015), 'Never A Fraud: Combating Imposter Phenomenon,' Tenure, She Wrote.
    • C. Conger and C. Ervin, (14 October 2013), 'Stuff Mom Never Told You: The Workplace Fear Factor'
    • K. Bahn, (27 March 2014), 'Faking It: Women, Academia, and Impostor Syndrome,' Vitae, The Chronicle of Higher Education.
    • 'Overcoming Impostor Syndrome,' Denise Paolucci, 2013 Haecksen miniconference, (see esp. ~0:45 to 5:30 minute markers in the video)
  • Mentoring Women in STEM (49 minutes)- presentation by Dr. Judy Goldsmith, Department of Computer Science, College of Engineering
    Accompanying resources:
    • ​'The Mentoring Map', (a .pdf file) downloadable from a workshop archive on the National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity website
    • 'Dear Kerry Ann: Why Is It So Hard To Find Mentors?' (9 September 2015)National Center for Faculty Development & Diversity.
    • MentorNet (a division of Great Minds in STEM):
    • Systers Communities (Anita Borg Institute):
    • Million Women Mentors:
    • Donna J. Dean, Getting the most out of your mentoring relationship - A handbook for women in STEM(Springer, 2009).
  • Gendered Communication and Negotiation (33 minutes, video) - presentation and workshop resources by Dr. Kate Eddens, Department of Health Behavior, College of Public Health
    Accompanying resources:
    • Slides for 'Gendered Communication and Negotiation' session by Dr. Kate Eddens (.pdf file)
    • Preparing for a Negotiation about the Terms of A Faculty Appointment - Handouts (.pdf files) - Overview and 2 roles: department chair and potential faculty member
    • TED Talk from Cheryl Sandberg that led to her writing the book Lean In:
    • Coe, A. (10 January 2013). 'Don't Ask, Don't Get': How to fix the gender gap in salary negotiations,' The Atlantic.
    • Kray, L.J. (21 May 2015). 'The best way to eliminate the gender pay gap? Ban salary negotiations' The Washington Post.
    • St. Rose, A. (Spring 2010). 'STEM major choice and the gender pay gap,' On Campus With Women. 39:1. Association of American Colleges and Universities.
    • AAUW. (14 April 2015). 'Even in high-paying STEM fields, women are shortchanged' American Association of University Women.
  • Building the IAmAWomanInSTEM brand (43 minutes) - presentation by Dr. Kate Eddens to help guide IAmAWomanInSTEM student ambassadors with digital projects on social media
    Accompanying resources:
    • Slides for 'Building the Brand for #IAmAWomanInSTEM' session by Dr. Kate Eddens (.pdf file)
    • Worksheet - Instrumental and Terminal Values (to be completed before watching video)

The student learning outcomes for the course were based partly on the Civic Engagement VALUE Rubric from the Association of American Colleges and Universities - download the rubric here.

Great Articles to Reflect On and Share with Others

” – Bryon Dale, The Coalition to Reform Money“Absorbing and very enlightening! More important than money pdf free download. Gabric, GSG Publishers“We highly recommend that every American watch The Money Masters.” – Zeldon Nelson, CEO National Center for Constitutional Studies“The Money Masters is a great video.

  • 'Belonging' can help keep talented female students in STEM classes: Researcher Nilanjana Dasgupta's work has led to recommendations for schools, other organizations.' Discoveries (26 August 2016)
  • Donna J. Dean, (Springer, 2009). see especially section 6.1 - Work-Life Balance
  • Catherine Hill, Christianne Corbette, Andresse St. Rose, “Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics,” (2013) American Association of University Women.
  • 'The Future of STEM Depends on Diversity,' by Nicole Cabrera Salazar via TEDx Georgia State U (June 30, 2015),
  • PCAST STEM Undergraduate Education Working Group, Gates S.J. Jr., Handelsman J., Lepage G.P., and Mirkin C., Co-chairs. (2012). Engage to Excel: Producing one million additional college graduates with degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. President’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.
  • Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women’s Success in Engineering and Computing(2015) American Association of University Women.
  • Williams, J.C., Phillips, K.W., & Hall, Erika V. (2014). Double jeopardy? Gender bias against women of color in science. WorkLifeLaw, UC Hastings College of the Law. Retrieved from
  • Williams, Joan C. 'The 5 Biases Pushing Women Out of STEM.' Harvard Business Review. Harvard Business School Publishing, 24 Mar. 2015. <>.
  • Women, Minorities, and Persons with Disabilities in Science and Engineering (National Science Foundation, 2017).

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GirlGeek Girl Rising PDF Free Download

Websites to Inspire Women in STEM-related Majors

  • American Association of University Women (AAUW) Campus Action Program teams for 2015-16 - inspired by AAUW's research report 'Solving the Equation: The Variables for Women's Success in Engineering and Computing'
  • AAAS Volunteers for STEM - senior scientists and engineers who volunteer as mentors - see other AAAS-related initiatives regarding volunteers at local levels
  • Computing Research Association-Women (CRA-W) - offers programming, internships and other opportunities to increase the number of women participating in Computer Science and Engineering research and education at all levels
  • FabFems - online profiles of women role models for girls interested in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.
  • Geek Girl Rising - veteran journalists and mothers of young 'geek girls' interview and write the stories of women who are changing the face of technology
  • Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing - the world's largest gathering of women technologists and produced by the Anita Borg Institute, an international organization committed to promoting the progress of women in technology
  • MentorNet - a division of Great Minds in STEM - offers online mentoring for undergraduates in STEM-related majors
  • Million Women Mentors - Kentucky chapter blog entries and mentoring opportunities
  • National Research Mentoring Network - supports advancement at every career state of research in the biomedical sciences
  • Pathways to Science - The Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP) aims to increase diversity in the STEM workforce by connecting underrepresented students with STEM funding and research opportunities
  • Sit With Me - created by members of the National Center for Women & Information Technology, a non-profit coalition that works to increase diversity in computing and IT.
  • STEM Connector - offers information, initiatives, resources and best practices on STEM pipelines and workforce
  • Systers Communities (Anita Borg Institute) - affinity communities where Systers can identify themselves culturally to share and offer support in challenges within their communities (e.g., Native American Women or LGBTQ-A or Turkish Women in computing),

Campus resources to support STEM undergraduate majors at the University of Kentucky

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  • STEM Living-Learning Programs (Agriculture, Engineering, Health care, STEMCats, etc.)
  • STEMCats Program - Supported by a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, STEM faculty across the UK campus and the Division of Natural Sciences at BCTC serve as mentors for the cohort of 250 STEMCats. The program includes 3 residential FastTrack courses in Mathematics, Biology and Chemistry that are offered preceding fall admission to improve the preparation of incoming students. A Physics FastTrack course will precede the start of the physics curriculum in the sophomore or junior year. Groups of 10-12 STEMCats join in on a research project in a laboratory of a faculty member in the Community of Scholars.
  • Programs for underrepresented students in STEM include the Louis Stokes Alliances for Minority Participation (LSAMP) Program here at UK ( and the Kentucky Bridge to a Biomedical Doctorate M.S. program for Appalachian/minority/low-income students.
  • Engineering mentorship programs include the Women in Engineering (WIE) Mentoring Program and the College of Engineering Alumni Mentoring Program for first- and second-year majors in the College of Engineering.
  • First Generation Initiatives (first in family to attend college): includes First Scholars, Robinson Scholars, Pollard Scholars, First Gen Living-Learning Program
  • Student Support Services - A UK program designed to work with students who are first generation, low income, and have a documented disability.
  • Peer-to-peer or graduate student support in free tutoring centers include Mathskeller,Organic Chemistry Learning Center, General Chemistry Learning Center, eStudio and Tau Beta Pi Tutoring (in College of Engineering), LEAP (Lab for Economics & Accounting proficiency), The Study's Peer Tutoring supports dozens of different courses
  • Peer-to-peer support programs in STEM that offer academic credit: Math Excel (for students enrolled in Calculus I and II), CHE 197 Gen Chem Workshop II
  • UK Student Chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics (see the AWM national association's website here)

Tips for #IAmAWomanInSTEM mentors:

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  • Suggestions for mentors of #IAmAWomanInSTEM student ambassadors - download .pdf file here. See also, Donna J. Dean's Getting the most out of your mentoring relationship - A handbook for women in STEM(Springer, 2009).
  • Guessing game by Dr. Thushani Roderigo-Peiris - 'Who are these scientists?' (slides with notes); handout (pictures only-no names)