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How to recover deleted/lost PDF files? With Recoverit PDF file recovery software to help you recover corrupted, deleted or unsaved PDF files in 3-step. Getting to Yes PDF Features: The following are some of the major features of Getting to Yes PDF. The American author Roger Fisher and William Ury has written it. The book is in simple English language so its easier for the readers to understand it. The novel comes under the genre of Self-help book. Getting to Yes published in the year 1981.

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Getting to Yes

Author: Roger Fisher,William Ury,Bruce Patton
Publsiher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Total Pages: 200
Release: 1991
ISBN 10: 9780395631249
ISBN 13: 0395631246
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Describes a method of negotiation that isolates problems, focuses on interests, creates new options, and uses objective criteria to help two parties reach an agreement

Getting to Yes

Author: Roger Fisher,William Ury,Bruce Patton
Publsiher: Random House
Total Pages: 207
Release: 1999
ISBN 10: 1844131467
ISBN 13: 9781844131464
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The world's bestselling guide to negotiation.Getting to Yes has been in print for over thirty years, and in that time has helped millions of people secure win-win agreements both at work and in their private lives. Including principles such as:Don't bargain over positionsSeparate the people from the problem andInsist on objective criteriaGetting to Yes simplifies the whole negotation process, offering a highly effective framework that will ensure success.

Getting to Yes

Author: Roger Fisher,William Ury
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 224
Release: 1991-12-01
ISBN 10: 1440673101
ISBN 13: 9781440673108
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Getting to Yes offers a concise, step-by-step, proven strategy for coming to mutually acceptable agreements in every sort of conflict—whether it involves parents and children, neighbors, bosses and employees, customers or corporations, tenants or diplomats. Based on the work of the Harvard Negotiation Project, a group that deals continually with all levels of negotiation and conflict resolution from domestic to business to international, Getting to Yes tells you how to: * Separate the people from the problem; * Focus on interests, not positions; * Work together to create options that will satisfy both parties; and * Negotiate successfully with people who are more powerful, refuse to play by the rules, or resort to 'dirty tricks.' Since its original publication in 1981, Getting to Yes has been translated into 18 languages and has sold over 1 million copies in its various editions. This completely revised edition is a universal guide to the art of negotiating personal and professional disputes. It offers a concise strategy for coming to mutually acceptable agreements in every sort of conflict.

Getting to Yes with Yourself

Author: William Ury
Publsiher: HarperOne
Total Pages: 208
Release: 2015-01-20
ISBN 10: 9780062363381
ISBN 13: 0062363387
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

William Ury, coauthor of the international bestseller Getting to Yes, returns with another groundbreaking book, this time asking: how can we expect to get to yes with others if we haven’t first gotten to yes with ourselves? Renowned negotiation expert William Ury has taught tens of thousands of people from all walks of life—managers, lawyers, factory workers, coal miners, schoolteachers, diplomats, and government officials—how to become better negotiators. Over the years, Ury has discovered that the greatest obstacle to successful agreements and satisfying relationships is not the other side, as difficult as they can be. The biggest obstacle is actually our own selves—our natural tendency to react in ways that do not serve our true interests. But this obstacle can also become our biggest opportunity, Ury argues. If we learn to understand and influence ourselves first, we lay the groundwork for understanding and influencing others. In this prequel to Getting to Yes, Ury offers a seven-step method to help you reach agreement with yourself first, dramatically improving your ability to negotiate with others. Practical and effective, Getting to Yes with Yourself helps readers reach good agreements with others, develop healthy relationships, make their businesses more productive, and live far more satisfying lives.

Getting Ready to Negotiate

Author: Roger Fisher,Danny Ertel
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 224
Release: 1995-08-01
ISBN 10: 1101128356
ISBN 13: 9781101128350
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

This companion volume to the negotiation classic Getting to Yes explores the negotiation process in depth and presents case studies, charts, and worksheets for blueprinting and personalized negotiating strategy.

Getting to Yes

Author: Roger Fisher,William Ury,Bruce Patton
Publsiher: Boston : Houghton Mifflin
Total Pages: 163
Release: 1981
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: UOM:39015012452085
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Describes a method of negotiation that isolates problems, focuses on interests, creates new options, and uses objective criteria to help two parties reach an agreement

The Power of a Positive No

Author: William Ury
Publsiher: Bantam
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2007-02-27
ISBN 10: 0553903527
ISBN 13: 9780553903522
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

No is perhaps the most important and certainly the most powerful word in the language. Every day we find ourselves in situations where we need to say No–to people at work, at home, and in our communities–because No is the word we must use to protect ourselves and to stand up for everything and everyone that matters to us. But as we all know, the wrong No can also destroy what we most value by alienating and angering people. That’s why saying No the right way is crucial. The secret to saying No without destroying relationships lies in the art of the Positive No, a proven technique that anyone can learn. This indispensable book gives you a simple three-step method for saying a Positive No. It will show you how to assert and defend your key interests; how to make your No firm and strong; how to resist the other side’s aggression and manipulation; and how to do all this while still getting to Yes. In the end, the Positive No will help you get not just to any Yes but to the right Yes, the one that truly serves your interests. Based on William Ury’s celebrated Harvard University course for managers and professionals, The Power of a Positive No offers concrete advice and practical examples for saying No in virtually any situation. Whether you need to say No to your customer or your coworker, your employee or your CEO, your child or your spouse, you will find in this book the secret to saying No clearly, respectfully, and effectively. In today’s world of high stress and limitless choices, the pressure to give in and say Yes grows greater every day, producing overload and overwork, expanding e-mail and eroding ethics. Never has No been more needed. A Positive No has the power to profoundly transform our lives by enabling us to say Yes to what counts–our own needs, values, and priorities. Understood this way, No is the new Yes. And the Positive No may be the most valuable life skill you’ll ever learn!

Getting Past No

Author: William Ury
Publsiher: Bantam
Total Pages: 189
Release: 1993
ISBN 10: 0553371312
ISBN 13: 9780553371314
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Offers advice on how to negotiate with difficult people, showing readers how to stay cool under pressure, disarm an adversary, and stand up for themselves without provoking opposition

Getting to Yes And

Author: Bob Kulhan
Publsiher: Stanford University Press
Total Pages: 280
Release: 2017-01-24
ISBN 10: 1503600955
ISBN 13: 9781503600959
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Amidst the deluge of advice for businesspeople, there lies an overlooked tool, a key to thriving in today's fast-paced, unpredictable environment: improvisation. In Getting to 'Yes And' veteran improv performer, university professor, CEO, and consultant Bob Kulhan unpacks a form of mental agility with powers far beyond the entertainment value of comedy troupes. Drawing on principles from cognitive and social psychology, behavioral economics, and communication, Kulhan teaches readers to think on their feet and approach the most typical business challenges with fresh eyes and openness. He shows how improv techniques such as the 'Yes, and' approach, divergent and convergent thinking, and focusing on being present can translate into more productive meetings, swifter decisions, stronger collaboration, positive conflict resolution, mindfulness, and more. Moving from the individual to the organizational level, Kulhan compiles time-tested teaching methods and training exercises into an instrumental guide that readers can readily implement as a party of one or a company of thousands.

Getting More of What You Want

Author: Margaret A. Neale,Thomas Z. Lys
Publsiher: Basic Books
Total Pages: 288
Release: 2015-07-14
ISBN 10: 0465040632
ISBN 13: 9780465040636
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Two top business professors offer up the only negotiation book you'll ever need Do you know what you want? How can you make sure you get it? Or rather, how can you convince others to give it to you? Almost every interaction involves negotiation, yet we often miss the cues that would allow us to make the most of these exchanges. In Getting (More of) What You Want, Margaret Neale and Thomas Lys draw on the latest advances in psychology and behavioral economics to provide new strategies for negotiation that take into account people's irrational biases as well as their rational behaviors. Whether you're shopping for a car, lobbying for a raise, or simply haggling over who takes out the trash, Getting (More of) What You Want shows how negotiations regularly leave significant value on the table-and how you can claim it.

Getting To Yes Ebook

Getting to Yes

Author: Scunner Crabbit
Publsiher: Xlibris Corporation
Total Pages: 250
Release: 2020-02-29
ISBN 10: 1796091030
ISBN 13: 9781796091038
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Getting to “Yes” is a reading guide for those who are approaching James Joyce’s Ulysses for the first time. Ulysses is generally considered the world’s most difficult novel because you have to read it on so many levels. Getting to “Yes” guides the reader along the first level—that is, the literal story line itself—and introduces the reader to all the major characters and their interactions within the story line.

Beyond Reason

Author: Roger Fisher,Daniel Shapiro
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 256
Release: 2005-10-06
ISBN 10: 1101218878
ISBN 13: 9781101218877
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

“Written in the same remarkable vein as Getting to Yes, this book is a masterpiece.” —Dr. Steven R. Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People • Winner of the Outstanding Book Award for Excellence in Conflict Resolution from the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution • In Getting to Yes, renowned educator and negotiator Roger Fisher presented a universally applicable method for effectively negotiating personal and professional disputes. Building on his work as director of the Harvard Negotiation Project, Fisher now teams with Harvard psychologist Daniel Shapiro, an expert on the emotional dimension of negotiation and author of Negotiating the Nonnegotiable: How to Resolve Your Most Emotionally Charged Conflicts. In Beyond Reason, Fisher and Shapiro show readers how to use emotions to turn a disagreement-big or small, professional or personal-into an opportunity for mutual gain.

Getting to Peace

Author: William Ury
Publsiher: Viking Adult
Total Pages: 250
Release: 1999
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13: UOM:39015048563558
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Using new archaeological and anthropological evidence, the author explains how to resolve conflicts in the home, work, and the world by identifying the 'Third Side' of seemingly blackandwhite arguments. 25,000 first printing. Tour.

Everybody Matters

Author: Bob Chapman,Rajendra Sisodia
Publsiher: Portfolio
Total Pages: 260
Release: 2015
ISBN 10: 1591847796
ISBN 13: 9781591847793
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

'Bob Chapman, CEO of the $1.7 billion manufacturing company Barry-Wehmiller, is on a mission to change the way businesses treat their employees.' - Inc. Magazine Starting in 1997, Bob Chapman and Barry-Wehmiller have pioneered a dramatically different approach to leadership that creates off-the-charts morale, loyalty, creativity, and business performance. The company utterly rejects the idea that employees are simply functions, to be moved around, 'managed' with carrots and sticks, or discarded at will. Instead, Barry-Wehmiller manifests the reality that every single person matters, just like in a family. That's not a cliché on a mission statement; it's the bedrock of the company's success. During tough times a family pulls together, makes sacrifices together, and endures short-term pain together. If a parent loses his or her job, a family doesn't lay off one of the kids. That's the approach Barry-Wehmiller took when the Great Recession caused revenue to plunge for more than a year. Instead of mass layoffs, they found creative and caring ways to cut costs, such as asking team members to take a month of unpaid leave. As a result, Barry-Wehmiller emerged from the downturn with higher employee morale than ever before. It's natural to be skeptical when you first hear about this approach. Every time Barry-Wehmiller acquires a company that relied on traditional management practices, the new team members are skeptical too. But they soon learn what it's like to work at an exceptional workplace where the goal is for everyone to feel trusted and cared for--and where it's expected that they will justify that trust by caring for each other and putting the common good first. Chapman and coauthor Raj Sisodia show how any organization can reject the traumatic consequences of rolling layoffs, dehumanizing rules, and hypercompetitive cultures. Once you stop treating people like functions or costs, disengaged workers begin to share their gifts and talents toward a shared future. Uninspired workers stop feeling that their jobs have no meaning. Frustrated workers stop taking their bad days out on their spouses and kids. And everyone stops counting the minutes until it's time to go home. This book chronicles Chapman's journey to find his true calling, going behind the scenes as his team tackles real-world challenges with caring, empathy, and inspiration. It also provides clear steps to transform your own workplace, whether you lead two people or two hundred thousand. While the Barry-Wehmiller way isn't easy, it is simple. As the authors put it: 'Everyone wants to do better. Trust them. Leaders are everywhere. Find them. People achieve good things, big and small, every day. Celebrate them. Some people wish things were different. Listen to them. Everybody matters. Show them.'


Author: Dale Carnegie
Publsiher: Musaicum Books
Total Pages: 272
Release: 2017-10-16
ISBN 10: 8027222656
ISBN 13: 9788027222650
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Getting To Yes Pdf Free Download Free

This is one of the first bestseller self-help books. Its intention is to enable you to make friends quickly and easily, help you to win people to your way of thinking, increase your influence, your prestige, your ability to get things done, as well as enable you to win new clients, new customers. Twelve Things This Book Will Do For You: Get you out of a mental rut, give you new thoughts, new visions, new ambitions. Enable you to make friends quickly and easily. Increase your popularity. Help you to win people to your way of thinking. Increase your influence, your prestige, your ability to get things done. Enable you to win new clients, new customers. Increase your earning power. Make you a better salesman, a better executive. Help you to handle complaints, avoid arguments, keep your human contacts smooth and pleasant. Make you a better speaker, a more entertaining conversationalist. Make the principles of psychology easy for you to apply in your daily contacts. Help you to arouse enthusiasm among your associates. Dale Carnegie (1888–1955) was an American writer and lecturer and the developer of famous courses in self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking, and interpersonal skills. Born into poverty on a farm in Missouri, he was the author of How to Win Friends and Influence People (1936), a massive bestseller that remains popular today.

In the Dust of This Planet

Author: Eugene Thacker
Publsiher: John Hunt Publishing
Total Pages: 179
Release: 2011-08-26
ISBN 10: 1780990103
ISBN 13: 9781780990101
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

The world is increasingly unthinkable, a world of planetary disasters, emerging pandemics, and the looming threat of extinction. In this book Eugene Thacker suggests that we look to the genre of horror as offering a way of thinking about the unthinkable world. To confront this idea is to confront the limit of our ability to understand the world in which we live - a central motif of the horror genre. In the Dust of This Planet explores these relationships between philosophy and horror. In Thacker's hands, philosophy is not academic logic-chopping; instead, it is the thought of the limit of all thought, especially as it dovetails into occultism, demonology, and mysticism. Likewise, Thacker takes horror to mean something beyond the focus on gore and scare tactics, but as the under-appreciated genre of supernatural horror in fiction, film, comics, and music.

Getting to Yes

Author: Instaread
Publsiher: Instaread
Total Pages: 35
Release: 2016-03-01
ISBN 10: 1945048182
ISBN 13: 9781945048180
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton Summary & Analysis Preview: Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher, William Ury, and Bruce Patton is a guide to using principled negotiation techniques, rather than positional bargaining that makes for less successful negotiations. Positional bargaining occurs when two people argue over a particular concession, usually reaching an arbitrary compromise. In those instances, the agreement usually does not address the interests of both negotiators. Principled negotiations find more creative, wise outcomes to conflicts… PLEASE NOTE: This is key takeaways and analysis of the book and NOT the original book. Inside this Instaread Summary of Getting to Yes · Overview of the book · Important People · Key Takeaways · Analysis of Key Takeaways

The Secret Life of Groceries

Author: Benjamin Lorr
Publsiher: Penguin
Total Pages: 352
Release: 2020-09-08
ISBN 10: 0553459406
ISBN 13: 9780553459401
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

Getting To Yes Pdf Free Download Pdf

In the tradition of Fast Food Nation and The Omnivore's Dilemma, an extraordinary investigation into the human lives at the heart of the American grocery store What does it take to run the American supermarket? How do products get to shelves? Who sets the price? And who suffers the consequences of increased convenience end efficiency? In this alarming exposé, author Benjamin Lorr pulls back the curtain on this highly secretive industry. Combining deep sourcing, immersive reporting, and compulsively readable prose, Lorr leads a wild investigation in which we learn: • The secrets of Trader Joe’s success from Trader Joe himself • Why truckers call their job “sharecropping on wheels” • What it takes for a product to earn certification labels like “organic” and “fair trade” • The struggles entrepreneurs face as they fight for shelf space, including essential tips, tricks, and traps for any new food business • The truth behind the alarming slave trade in the shrimp industry The result is a page-turning portrait of an industry in flux, filled with the passion, ingenuity, and exploitation required to make this everyday miracle continue to function. The product of five years of research and hundreds of interviews across every level of the industry, The Secret Life of Groceries delivers powerful social commentary on the inherently American quest for more and the social costs therein.

The google story pdf free download


Author: Elizabeth Wetmore
Publsiher: HarperCollins
Total Pages: 320
Release: 2020-03-31
ISBN 10: 006291328X
ISBN 13: 9780062913289
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL

An instant New York Times Bestseller A Read with Jenna Today Show Book Club Pick! 'A thrilling debut that deserves your attention.' –Ron Charles, the Washington Post Written with the haunting emotional power of Elizabeth Strout and Barbara Kingsolver, an astonishing debut novel that explores the lingering effects of a brutal crime on the women of one small Texas oil town in the 1970s. Mercy is hard in a place like this . . . It’s February 1976, and Odessa, Texas, stands on the cusp of the next great oil boom. While the town’s men embrace the coming prosperity, its women intimately know and fear the violence that always seems to follow. In the early hours of the morning after Valentine’s Day, fourteen-year-old Gloria Ramírez appears on the front porch of Mary Rose Whitehead’s ranch house, broken and barely alive. The teenager had been viciously attacked in a nearby oil field—an act of brutality that is tried in the churches and barrooms of Odessa before it can reach a court of law. When justice is evasive, the stage is set for a showdown with potentially devastating consequences. Valentine is a haunting exploration of the intersections of violence and race, class and region in a story that plumbs the depths of darkness and fear, yet offers a window into beauty and hope. Told through the alternating points of view of indelible characters who burrow deep in the reader’s heart, this fierce, unflinching, and surprisingly tender novel illuminates women’s strength and vulnerability, and reminds us that it is the stories we tell ourselves that keep us alive.

Summary Getting to Yes Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Author: Anonim
Publsiher: Unknown
Total Pages: 329
Release: 2021
ISBN 10:
ISBN 13:
Language: EN, FR, DE, ES & NL
Summary Getting to Yes Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In Book Review:

Getting to Yes: Negotiating a Roger Fisher & William L. Unpaid Agreement. The best-selling non-fiction book of 1981 by Erie. Subsequent releases in 1991 and 2011 added Bruce Python as co-author. All authors were members of the Harvard Dialogue Project. The authors identify three types of people’s problems. The first is the difference of opinion between the parties. Because most differences are based on different interpretations of facts, it is important to understand the views of both parties. The parties must try to take their place elsewhere. You can read the review and download Getting to Yes pdf at the end.

Getting to Yes Review:

Getting to YES is a puzzling book. On the one hand, it offers a strong and convincing critique of the traditional dialogue approach. It offers a variety of communication techniques that are both intelligent and possibly facilitate effective communication. The first step in dealing with emotions is to know them and try to understand their source. The parties must accept the fact that there are certain feelings, even if they do not match those feelings. Eliminating other emotions is irrational, so it is likely to trigger a more intense emotional response. The parties must allow the other party to express their feelings. They should not react emotionally to emotional expressions. Symbolic gestures such as forgiveness or empathy can help quell intense emotions.

Getting to Yes PDF Features:

The following are some of the major features of Getting to Yes PDF.

  • The American author Roger Fisher and William Ury has written it.
  • The book is in simple English language so its easier for the readers to understand it.
  • The novel comes under the genre of Self-help book.
  • Getting to Yes published in the year 1981.
  • The novel contains a total of 90 pages.
  • Readers loved to read this novel.

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