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TED Talks are influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity, with subtitles in 100+ languages. Ideas free to stream and download. Prepare and deliver the talk of their lives. Every one of the more than 1,500 presentations available for free on the TED Web site can teach you something about public speaking. When I first started thinking about writing a book on the public speaking secrets of TED talks, I thought of it as Dale Carnegie for the Twenty-first Century.

The TED Interview

The race to build AI that benefits humanity with Sam Altman

Rebecca J. Barthelmie and Sara C. Pryor

How do wind turbines work?

John Marshall

3 strategies for effectively talking about climate change

Lisa Genova

How your memory works — and why forgetting is totally OK

Alex Gendler

How the world's tallest skyscraper was built

Justin Schmidt

The world's most painful insect sting

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

The global cooperation that accelerated the COVID-19 vaccines

Steven Allison

Earth's original inhabitants — and their role in combating climate change

David Gruber

Can we learn to talk to sperm whales?

Alex Gendler

Why are airplanes slower than they used to be?

Canwen Xu

I am not your Asian stereotype

Joan C. Williams

Why corporate diversity programs fail — and how small tweaks can have big impact

Megan McArthur

A NASA astronaut's lessons on fear, confidence and preparing for spaceflight

Joseph Goffman

Whatever happened to acid rain?

Nomava Zanazo

4 myths and misunderstandings about doing business in Africa

Erick Wilberding

This tool will help improve your critical thinking

Kalika Bali

The giant leaps in language technology — and who's left behind

Far Flung with Saleem Reshamwala

Mantua Townshi‪p‬

Kristiina J. Hurme and Alejandro Rico-Guevara

The surprising secrets of hummingbird flight

Jens Burchardt

How we can curb climate change by spending two percent more on everything

Esther Perel

The routines, rituals and boundaries we need in stressful times


Why good ideas get trapped in the valley of death — and how to rescue them

Katherine M. Gehl

US politics isn't broken. It's fixed

Elizabeth Cox

Can you outsmart the apples and oranges fallacy?

Tim Nevius

The exploitation of US college athletes


Step 1: The Puls‪e‬

Jacques S. Abramowicz

How does ultrasound work?

Kate Lister

An honest history of an ancient and 'nasty' word

Michael Levin

The electrical blueprints that orchestrate life

Archie Crowley

Language around gender and identity evolves (and always has)

Kayla Wolf

Why every world map is wrong

Brian A. Pavlac

A brief history of the devil

Andrew Youn

The seeds of change helping African farmers grow out of poverty


What science taught me about being a Muslim drag quee‪n‬

Dennis E. Shasha

Can you solve the fantasy election riddle?

Amber McReynolds

An election system that puts voters (not politicians) first

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How To Deliver A TED Talk PDF Free Download

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How To Deliver A Ted Talk Pdf


How To Deliver A Ted Talk Pdf Free Download Pdf

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