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We treat each other with respect, and we cultivate pride in our work. We enjoy working with smart, talented, and passionate people who share our philosophy of respect for customers. And we have fun making and supporting high-quality apps that help people get their work done. Created Date: 4/11/2015 7:21:38 PM.


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Of course, you'd never dream of going through your colleagues' deskdrawers. So naturally you wouldn't read their email either.

Unfortunately, a lot of people would. This topic actually rates a separatesection. For now, here's a cautionary tale. I call it


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The case of the snoopy foreign correspondentPhoenix project pdf download.

In 1993, a highly regarded foreign correspondent in the Moscow bureauof the Los Angeles Times was caught reading his coworkers' email. His colleaguesbecame suspicious when system records showed that someone had logged into check their email at times when they knew they hadn't been near thecomputer. So they set up a sting operation. They planted false informationin messages from another one of the paper's foreign bureaus. The reporterread the notes and later asked colleagues about the false information.Bingo! As a disciplinary measure, he was immediately reassigned to anotherposition at the paper's Los Angeles bureau.

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The moral: Failing to respect other people's privacy is not justbad Netiquette. It could also cost you your job.

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