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  • 100% Accurate, Fully Automated Pick 3 Cluster Predictions
  • Easy To Use Pick 3 Software To Catch both Boxed & Straight Wins
  • Lightning Fast Artificial Intuition Unit To Unveil Hidden Future Trends

Dear Friend,
I realize the above claims must be hard for you to believe. I mean, a pick 3 prediction tool that guarantees you 100% accurate cluster predictions each time you use it, with little or no effort on your part … able to uncover hidden future trends in as little as 5 minutes, fully automatically … not to mention you can start using this amazing Pick 3 prediction software INSTANTLY!


I understand these promises appear hard to fulfill at first glance… That is until you know the facts …
Since we announced our plans to release this amazing technology, we’ve been bombarded with dozens of curiosity mails each and every single day, non-stop and 24 hours around the clock.
Especially our too-good-to-be-true but nevertheless 100% true promise that our ‘SNIPER’ is capable of making 100% accurate cluster predictions raised some critical eyebrows …
… so we thought …


Just below, you see a (partial) screenshot of the Pick3sniper when the application is in “Start Up” modus …

Now Take a Closer Look …

I want you to print out that screenshot, and I want you to pin it up or tape it on the wall somewhere in the vicinity of your computer screen.
NEXT … think of any 3 digits
Now try to locate those 3 digits on that piece of paper that’s hanging on your wall … Got them? Aren’t you experiencing an aha moment? Isn’t that amazing? No matter which 3 digits you think of, they are ALWAYS located in one of the predicted clusters.
And that’s just the beginning!

Pick Three Pdf Free Download Free

We know that one of the 10 clusters holds the next 3 winning digits, …
… but unfortunately it holds 3 other digits as well, so …

we need to dig in there …

… and we need to play it 100% safe because – at this time – there’s no easy way to figure out which cluster holds the ‘3 winners’. So the best way to win the game is NOT by making a wild guess. Instead, we will ‘snipe’ 3 digits from each of the 10 predicted clusters.
We have 2 options and each option makes winning …

Pick Three Pdf free. download full

… 600% Easier Than Playing the Conventional Way!

  • Option 1:
    You pick 3 digits from each 6-digit cluster, which is 600% easier than picking 3 digits from 10
  • Option 2:
    you eliminate 3 digits from each 6-digit cluster, which is 600% easier than eliminating 7 digits from 10

Incredibly, that 600% is just the combinatorial advantage. With the use of the Pick3niper Software you can leverage that 600% advantage to the full extent by engaging one of the core features of the Pick3sniper …

… the “Artificial Intuition Unit”!

And let me tell you, that unit works! It’s amazing to see it in action …
Compare it with some sort of a Time Machine!
With its help, you will be able to …

Quickly Spot Future Trends!

To accomplish this, the Sniper ‘crunches’ past draw results in real time, and translates the resulting data into a future trend. At the same time, each digit within the predicted clusters gets a unique ‘mark’ to reveal a possible match with the detected trend.
So all you need to do is …

‘Look, Point and Click’

It really is that easy!
Now, before you click that order button at the bottom of this page, I need to clarify one more thing.
Many so-called lottery experts (and their systems) advise you to only focus on single 3-digit combinations because they have a better chance to come out than doubles or triples.
Although it is correct that doubles occur less than singles, they do drop on average 16 times a day across the United ‘Pick 3’ States.
That’s a MASSIVE average of…

112 Double Combos Per Week
Across All US States!

So before you say “I Hate Doubles”, wouldn’t it be better to change your mindset and start catching them?
  • Tip 1: In most states, ‘doubles’ pay twice as much for a boxed hit
  • Tip 2: Pick 3 ‘doubles’ are twice as easy to hit in straight order than ‘singles’
  • Tip 3: With ‘doubles’, you only have to predict 2 digits
  • Tip 4: When ‘doubles’ drop, they usually drop in bunches …

And ‘YES’, in case you wonder …

PICKSNIPER Loves Doubles!

All it takes is a click on a button to run the Sniper in ‘Doubles’-mode.
In Doubles-mode, a different set of cluster predictions appears. This time however, only 2 digits needs to be picked from 5.
Combine this ADVANTAGE with the power of the Artificial Intuition Unit, and what you have in your hands is a versatile, powerful and easy to use ‘Double-Sniper’ to catch both boxed and straight wins!

Game Coverage …

Basically, all Pick 3 games where 3 digits are drawn from 10 are covered by the Pick3sniper, including but not limited to all pick 3 games from the USA, Canada and Australia.

Our 100% SATISFACTION guarantee!

In just a few moments you’ll have INSTANT access to the PICK3SNIPER. It’s an online web application so there’s no need to install anything. A unique username and password will be sent to you via email and you can start using the Pick3sniper IMMEDIATELY!
Here’s the deal (as we don’t want unhappy customers) …
If within 7 days of your purchase you have second thoughts about Pick3sniper, which we seriously doubt you will have, then you have the option to switch Pick3sniper with our WINSLIPS Number Reduction System.
All we ask is that you respect the 7-day time limit. Simply forward your name and order number to [email protected] and put the words “I would like to switch with Winslips” in your email’s subject line. We’ll take care of the rest.
There’s no risk whatsoever on your part, only a lot to gain.
Let’s recap for a minute:
  • Pick3sniper works for any game where 3 digits are drawn from 10 digits.
  • Pick3sniper is very affordable to use
  • Play 10 pick 3 combos and that’s it
  • Get 100% accurate cluster predictions
  • Experience a 600% combinatorial advantage
  • Discover hidden trends with a click on a button
  • Catch both Singles AND Doubles
  • Make better decisions based on powerful and fully automated statistics
  • The Pick3sniper software runs online. No installation of software is required
  • You can use the Pick3sniper on a PC, a Mac, a laptop, a notebook, and even on a tablet!
  • You’ll get instant, unlimited access, and this for 360 days
  • Your payment is a one-time payment. We do not auto-renew memberships!
  • Pick3sniper is 100% unique and truly amazing! You’ll love it!
Pick Three PDF Free Download

ONLY $37.00 USD

This is a one-time payment. We do not auto-renew your membership!
You’ll get 360 Days Full Access INSTANTLY!
This is a special Promo Price
I’m looking forward to meet you soon inside your Pick3sniper member area. In the meantime, I keep my fingers crossed for you and hope you will make plenty of hits.Pick Three PDF Free Download
To Your Success!
Stefan Vandevelde
TRUE number genius
Creator of Pick3sniper.com

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Top 5 PDF Free Editor Tools for Windows 10

We're going to outline the 5 best free PDF editor tools for Windows (including Windows 10/8/7). You can download these PDF editors for free or use online PDF editors to work with your files. Compare and find the best free PDF editor tools for you on Windows 10.

1. PDFelement - A Great PDF Editor for Windows 10 (Editor Pick)

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2. IceCream PDF Split & Merge

This is a commonly used tool for handling PDFs. It does come with limited features but the remarkable ease of use makes it very popular among users.


  • You can split a PDF into multiple files.
  • You can also merge and rearrange the pages of different PDF files.
  • You can encrypt files to add extra security.

Pick Three Pdf free download. software


  • You can’t fully edit PDF files.
  • This tool comes with very limited features.

3. PDF Buddy

If you are tired of downloading applications and installing them, this is your go-to choice. This is an online, free PDF editor software that requires absolutely no downloading. It supports almost all platforms and is very quick and easy to use.


  • Efficient and simple and requires no additional instructions.
  • You can upload a PDF file and easily edit it.
  • You can insert text, images, and even remove objects from the file.
  • You can also add a signature and improve the security of the documents as well.
  • It’s easy to sign up and get full use of the tool.


  • It has limited features.
  • There is no provision to merge PDFs.
  • You cannot create a PDF file.

4. PDFescape


This is another free PDF editor software that comes in handy for those who do not wish to download tools for editing PDFs. It supports nearly all operating systems, and you can easily access this program online. It is quick and easy to use.


  • Easy and quick to use.
  • You can edit your PDF files by adding text and images.
  • Easy whiteouts and even removals of existing text.
  • Requires no downloading.


  • You cannot create a PDF.
  • This tool has limited features and functionality.

5. Inkscape

This is primarily a vector graphics editor; however, it is often used as an efficient free PDF editor for Windows too. You can get a portable version as well and it works on Mac, and Linux. It is an open-source platform and is quite popular among users.

Pick Three PDF Free Download


  • Fairly simple and easy to use.
  • You can edit PDF images and graphics.
  • You can both insert and delete images in your PDF.
  • You can format PDF files any way you like.


  • As it isn't predominantly a PDF editor, the features offered are limited.
  • You cannot create a PDF from scratch.

Pick Three Pdf Free Download Game


This article provides 5 awesome PDF editor for you. You can choose which one is the most suitable for you by check the introduction, pros and cons. To be honest, if you are looking for PDF editor free download, you should have a try of PDFelement.