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A comprehensive guide to statistics—with information on collecting, measuring, analyzing, and presenting statistical data—continuing the popular 101 series. Data is everywhere. In the age of the internet and social media, we’re responsible for consuming, evaluating, and analyzing data on a. PSYCH 101 PSYCHOLOGY FACTS, BASICS, STATISTICS, TESTS, AND MORE! Welcome to Psych 101. IVAN PAVLOV (1849–1936) The man who studied man’s best friend Ivan Pavlov was born in Ryazan, Russia, on September 14th, 1849. The son of the village priest, Pavlov originally studied theology until. Cheat Sheet for Statistics 101 Why is having some background in statistics important? ^In many cases, judges review the statistical analysis produced by consultants, as presented and critiqued by competing expert witnesses on behalf of the parties at trial. The legal system in general.

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Download Statistics101Updated 06/22/2021. Version 5.4What's new
The Wizards module of the latest version of Statistics101 requires Java version 6 or later. If your computer has an earlier version of Java and can't be upgraded to version 6, then the new Wizards module will be unavailable but the rest of the functionality will still be available.
Statistics101 is giftware, with no time limit and no price. I hope you find it useful in your statistical teaching, learning, or research. If you have an example that you think others might be interested in, please consider describing it in a post on the User Forum. If you have a question or a problem, you can either post it on the forum or email me directly.
Download and installation instructions (Windows Vista, Win7, and Linux users see additional notes below):
1. Click here or on the 'Download Statistics101' link above to go to the download page.
2. In the form that appears, fill in the information, then click the 'Download Statistics101' button.
3. Click 'Save' to save the installer file in a convenient location on your hard drive.
4. Go to the folder where you saved the installer. Double-click on the file installStatistics101.jar. NOTE: If double-clicking does not launch the installer, then your machine probably does not have Java installed. Click on the Java button to download and install the Java Runtime Environment.
5. Follow the installer's prompts. Remember where you install the file so you can make a shortcut to it later (the installer currently creates shortcuts only for Windows systems).
6. To run the Statistics101 program, double-click on the file Statistics101.jar or the shortcut to it that you made in the previous step.
Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, please read the following:
If you get this error message during installation, 'This directory cannot be written! Please choose another directory!', please do the following:
1. Create an empty folder called 'Statistics101' on your desktop.
2. If you saved the Statistics101 installer on your computer, start the installer by double-clicking on the file 'installStatistics101.jar' that you downloaded. If you didn't save it, download it again and in the download dialog choose either 'Open with Java' or 'Save File'. ('Opening' will download the installer to a temporary file and automatically run the installer. 'Saving' will download the installer to a location you specify.)
3. Step through the installer until you get to where it asks you 'Select the installation path:'.
4. Click the 'Browse..' button and find the 'Statistics101' folder on your desktop.
5. Select that folder and click the 'Next' button.
6. Proceed until the installer completes the installation.
7. You can leave the 'Statistics101' folder on your desktop or move it to any place you prefer, as long as you have full access privileges (read, write, execute) to that new location.
8. If you want a shortcut to Statistics101on your desktop, find the 'Statistics101.jar' file in the 'Statistics101' folder. Create a shortcut by right-clicking on the file and selecting 'Create shortcut'.
Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 users, please read the following:
If, when trying to install the program you get the message 'This directory can not be written! Please choose another directory!', then either follow the instructions above for Windows 7 or do the following:
1. Move the installer to your desktop if it is not already there.
2. Start the Task Manager by holding down Ctrl and Shift keys and pressing and releasing Esc. You can also start it by searching the Start Screen for 'Task Manager'.
3. Click on the File menu and select 'Run new task'.
4. In the text box type 'java -jar c:usersYOUR_USER_NAMEdesktopinstallStatistics101.jar' without the quotes and replacing YOUR_USER_NAME with the name of your user account on your computer.
5. Make sure the 'Create this task with administrative privileges.' box is checked.
6. Click OK. The installer will then run with admin privileges and will be able to write to the restricted directory.
To install Statistics101 under Linux:
Download the installer from the website. It should work with Linux if you have Java properly installed. Don't let your Archive program try to extract files from it. Instead, you might have to run the installer in a terminal like this:
java -jar installStatistics101.jar
Make sure you install the program into a directory in which you have full permissions.
You might need to set the execute permission on the Statistics101.jar file.
Once the program is installed, it must be run such that its working directory is the directory containing the Statistics101.jar file. So, probably the easiest thing to do is to create a command file containing commands similar to the following two, perhaps named 'launchStats101':
cd <directory containing the Statistics101.jar file>
Then, whenever you want to launch the program, just invoke the command file.
Mac users, please read the following: If you get a dialog box reporting that 'Statistics101.jar' can't be opened because it is from an unidentified developer, please see the following link on how to enable it to be opened:
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