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A downloadable game for Windows

In The Big Score you play as Jason who is trying to get with the love of his life while trying to avoid his tormentors. Will he be able to get true love or fall under his tormentors hands?

The Big Score is a femdom visual novel, dating sim style game where the 'romance options' are dominant women who love nothing more then to humiliate and ruin you.

Each girl caters to there own sets of kinks and fetishes, the game is currently still getting updates!

If you like the game, please consider donating to my Patreon, I also post exclusive artwork there!

Any form of donations help me with software subscriptions, music, and the time and effort it takes to make the artwork

StatusIn development
Release date Oct 11, 2020
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Tagsabdl, Adult, bdsm, Dating Sim, diaper, femdom, milf, NSFW, sissy


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Development log

  • The Big Score Version 1.5.5
    66 days ago
  • The Big Score Version 1.4.0
    Dec 01, 2020
  • The Big Score Voice Cast
    Nov 08, 2020
  • The Big Score Version 1.3.0
    Oct 11, 2020

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Game only runs on windows, simply just extract the download and run the launcher

I think I need to give up, because I've tried to launch it from a Microsoft launcher and it still won't work

i love this game so far just finished the first chapter. The story is hot specially the 'mommy' parts.

I think there could be some changes to make it feel more like a game, not a book with pictures.

Like zooming in the feet or asses when kissing them.. Or leaving lipstick marks on the screen after being kissed.

Maybe using looped animations for some short parts, like when they are feeding the baby bottle to the character. Instead of two pics it would be hot to see some animations instead

Maybe give more freedom to the player, adding a map would probably do it. Choosing whose story to follow in a day, like doing one with lauren and someone else and then pressing the sleep button.

I don't know what the rest of the story is but these are the things i love to see in the next chapters. I'm in to every fetishes. I love to see some cuckold stuff with mommy, having his boyfriend fk her in front of her son, maybe having him wear makeup and dresses and get the boyfriend to fuck them both, maybe she would let people use his holes to make money, using strapon would be great on the queen. Or on the nanny while he is diapered. Having a futa character would be nice too. Of course many people might not be in to all this sht so maybe giving a choice to go that way..

keep it up , make more games.. There are not many who make games on this category

The big tech score (summary) pdf free download windows 10

Thank you so much for the kind words and feedback!

I definitely try to keep the game as open as it can with choices and later on in the game with the route split. (It is a Visual Novel so there is gonna be a lot of dialogue)

I'd LOVE to include animations someday but since I lack that experience I'd have to commission some other artist, so if the game keeps getting a lot of support I can include those fun ideas.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Hope you enjoy all the future updates and future games.

Does this go past chapter five? I kind of got stuck after it in the waiting room

This changes everything pdf free download. currently the latest version of the game is Ivy chapter 6.

I was unsure about this game at first, I was never into feet or boot-licking or any of that, but I'm so glad it has an abdl path, sure it took a good while, but taking the Lauren route has me super invested in what's to come! I love how humiliated the main character was in diapers and such.

Sometimes the dialogue can have typos and such, and some backgrounds have floating dialogue choices, but as this game is indeed in early access, everything is subject to change.

Keep it up, I love the dynamic between the player and Lauren. I eagerly await the future.

ive redownloaded this game twice and both times it just gave me a black screen instead of starting up, any idea how to fix that?

okay so the game doesnt let me do anything else after ch.4 im stuck in the waiting room and its not taking me to the next chapter. just kinda speakin my mind about it

Chapter 5 is currently being in development. The game gets updated every month (2 months now due to the high demand of a route split).

ahhhh makes sense thanks for the info so I can stop trying to make it work and wait for the update

just got done with chapter 2, even though not everything is what I align with kink-wise, really enjoy your writing style and it's keeping it very engaging. keep up the good work!

you're gonna need to get .rar extract software like zip or winrar

The big tech score (summary) pdf free download free

The Big Tech Score (summary) Pdf Free Download Adobe Reader

The following image shows what the save file looks like, these are the files you will need to copy and paste to the updated version. Make sure you launch the updated version of the game FIRST so it can read old saves after.