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Adam Braun was born into a life of privilege. His father was a dentist and his mother an orthodontist. He lived in a neighborhood of CEOs, doctors, lawyers and wealthy investment bankers. His father, Ervin, was a coach and disciplinarian and instilled the goals of being successful and hardworking in his children but told them to always be charitable and think of others who were less fortunate.

Adam played basketball in high school. He met two young men from Mozambique, Sam and Cornelio, who earned a scholarship to play high school basketball in the United States. But their accommodations in Philadelphia were deplorable and their high school experience was a disappointment. Adam’s parents agreed to become their legal guardians and allow them to live with them while they were in school as long as Adam agreed to tutor them. Adam and the two boys from another world became friends. Knowing them and hearing about the struggles of life in Mozambique opened up Adam’s eyes to the rest of the world. He realized that he had been insulated in his upscale existence and began to think about how the rest of the world lived.

Read 'The Promise of a Pencil How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change' by Adam Braun available from Rakuten Kobo. The riveting story of how a young man turned $25 into more than 200 schools around the world and the guiding steps anyon. The Promise of a Pencil: How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change, is a first-person account of Braun’s journey from high-powered Wall Street consultant to founder of Pencils of Promise. In the book, Braun tells the story of his decision to leave behind a prestigious job.

After graduating from Brown University, Adam pursued his dream of becoming a hedge fund manager or investment banker. He landed on Wall Street at Bain Capital with a goal of making a real killing and attaining it in just a few years. He signed up for a Semester at Sea (SAS) which allowed him to travel to remote areas in Asia and Africa where he encountered poor kids who had no future. There were virtually no schools and nothing for the kids to look forward to. When asking the kids what they would want more than anything in the world he got responses like “a book” or “to dance.” He was blown away. Adam was a goner when a little boy’s face lit up when he handed him a pencil.

Adam spent the next few years balancing his time between his challenging job on Wall Street and establishing a nonprofit organization with a mission of building schools in third world countries. He was able to get friends and associates involved on a volunteer basis and funded his pursuit with donations and investments. Over the years as the organization and demands for schools grew, Adam had to make a choice. He decided to listen to his head but follow his heart. He could not get the image of the little boy and the pencil out of his head. Pencils of Promise became Adam’s full-time pursuit and at last count, PoP had built 100 schools around the world followed by Adam’s announcement of a new goal of 500 schools.

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How an Ordinary Person Can Create Extraordinary Change

In The Promise of a Pencil, we learn about Adam Braun’s struggles to establish his NGO, Pencils of Promise.

Adam Braun. A young man from the U.S, known especially for his NGO, Pencils of Promise. Born into a wealthy Jewish family in New York, he enjoyed financial stability from a young age, something that enabled him to travel and learn about the poorer areas of the world.

Many other books promote a strategy for self-improvement, while The Promise of a Pencil is a story. This story doesn’t focus on any improvements, nor it presents a theory.

“The Promise of a Pencil PDF Summary”

It relies on the simple methodology of truth and honest approach. It also covers lots of financial area on how to make money by staying true to yourself. Our book summary contributes to this story as well!

All stories begin with a situation. Nevertheless, Adam Braun focuses on the journey or the build-up of the winning story.

Every construction needs strong foundation or in this case – a simple, honest and truthful attitude which is in pursuance of building the biggest organization from top to bottom.

In some of these chapters, Adam Braun talks about his life-journey and the crucial moment which forced him to leave his job at – an elite management consulting firm.

Later on, he founded Pencils of Promise, with a clear purpose in his mind – the construction of a world-class organization with one vision – to build schools for a better world.

During a semester abroad, Braun was moved by the simple requests of the local children, especially one boy in India who asked for him a pencil. Braun gave him his own, and the foundation for Pencils of Promise was laid.

He promised himself that he’d work hard and make enough money to be able to dedicate himself fully to this cause. Golden Gates PDF Free download. He dreamed of providing an education to poor children in developing countries.

Our book summary certainly plays its part in promoting this masterpiece, be truthful to yourself and let your life unfolds.


Every person has a revolution beating within his or her chest.

In The Promise of a Pencil, we learn about Braun’s struggles to establish his NGO and raise funds. His constant desire is to be more involved in helping others, rather than working a 9-to-5 job on Wall Street. Also, Adam Braun founded the concept of “for-purpose”.

By this, he intended to help NGOs get rid of the expression “non-profit”, which usually creates a negative impact and belittles the efforts they make.

Braun comes from a family of Holocaust survivors; the relationship with his grandmother is especially touching.

Braun’s aware of the sacrifices and hard work his family endured in order to achieve their privileged status.

He feels blessed to have been born into that environment but, mindful of his family’s painful past, he also wants to give something back by helping others. He was only 24 when he started Pencils of Promise.

One of the first schools he built was named after his grandmother, who was very touched by his gesture:

When you come from a lineage of Holocaust survivors, you grow up with an understanding that everything was once taken away from your family.

In The Promise of a Pencil, Braun explains how his journey began whilst he was still at school. He had the opportunity to study a semester overseas, visiting a lot of poor countries and areas.

Places where children didn’t have classrooms and were just scribbling words in the shade of a coconut tree.

As a small project, he started asking the children what their biggest dreams were, and what they wished for.

He was amazed to find out the little things they needed in order to be happy. Some answered that they wanted to be able to dance.

Others said they wanted books or even just a pencil. He was so surprised by these answers that he started giving out pencils; kids would immediately start writing or drawing with them.

Braun soon realized that his plan to tackle the problems was not beneficial. He wanted to get involved, now. But his job seemed to stand in his way.

In the beginning, he tried his hardest to challenge himself and divide his time between work and fundraising for his NGO:

I began to see that success in life isn’t about conforming to the expectations of others, but about achieving personal fulfillment.

This book was filled with descriptions of the steps that Braun took in order to achieve success in his NGO. He started with few resources but he wasn’t afraid to invest the money he had, throwing fundraising parties or taking sponsors out to dinner.

This is a valuable lesson in any field: you need money to make money.

Another thing Braun achieved was becoming a social media sensation with his NGO. Yes, it’s true he had the help of a global superstar like Justin Bieber (his older brother, Scot ‘Scooter’ Braun, is Bieber’s manager).

But mostly it was plain hard work and involved a lot of people. Being able to inspire so many youngsters to get involved and participate in fundraising campaigns is a great asset for a small NGO.

In a short amount of time, Adam Braun realized that he would need to become involved full-time if he wanted to make Pencils of Promise huge. He also needed to cover costs for employed staff.

In order to be very transparent about donations to his charity, he established a system where the money goes directly to beneficiaries and towards building the schools.

The Promise Of A Pencil Pdf Free Download Pdf

He organizes a big gala every year and uses the money raised to cover the administrative costs of Pencils of Promise; the rest is invested in their projects. This is a great thing to achieve, and it offered Braun the possibility to be involved full-time with his charity.

Braun describes how his relationships with other businessmen changed after opening his NGO. Now, he saw that as soon as he mentioned the non-profit, people looked down on him, as if he was begging for their money and attention.

So Braun decided to change this perception. He started to advocate his cause as being a “for-purpose” one. This way, he took out the negative connotation and offered a new perspective.

I personally would love for this idea to be embraced by as many people as possible, and this shift in mentality would be great:

Conversations began on an equal footing, but the word nonprofit could stop a discussion in its tracks and strip our work of its value and true meaning. That one word could shift the conversational dynamic so that the other person was suddenly speaking down to me.

Promise Of A Pencil Pdf

Another great thing you’ll learn from this book is how to dream big. He built a few schools in the first 3 years. He is now expanding all over the world in poor areas.

Communities involved in this process. They have to help by providing at least 10-20% of the costs to build the school. It can be either land or helping with the building.

The national governments provide teachers, and Pencils of Promise trains them. It’s a group effort because people want their kids to have a better education.

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The Promise of a Pencil can restore your faith in humanity. If a gesture as simple as handing out a pencil can make a child smile. A person should change and adapt its entire lifestyle in order to build schools in remote areas.

We can help each other and build a better world for our children.

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