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Trading in the Zone: Master the Market with Confidence, Discipline and a Winning Attitude


Trading in the Zone is probably only suitable for those who have been hurt by Trading, lose sleep… like conquering love. And only true love for Trading can help us become a true Trader.

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What is a true Trader? True Trader that is professional Trader. Even if you do any job, the money will flow from the “chicken” bag to the professional bag only. Regardless of what they do or what business they do, they can be called Traders, and sooner or later they will fail, but the best part of trading is that it helps us to fail. fastest, no mess, no mess and mess like other jobs. This is the special and best thing about Trading.

We don’t have to worry about failure, in fact people are born to fail. And only when we take failure for granted success will naturally emerge, like day and night, morning and night, long and short, good and bad, up and down, green candles and red candles. They are always a couple and only when our Mind does not distinguish will we be at peace.

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